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Haedong Kumdo translates as the Korean art of the sword. It is a martial art practiced with one or two swords, and it’s inspired by ancient and modern Korean sword-fighting styles.

While learning to use a sword in a safe way, this sport consists mostly of individual training without the hits and kicks traditionally associated with martial arts, although in Helsingin Haedong Kumdo we also do pair techniques. Haedong Kumdo can be practiced for competition or to pursue personal well-being – in all cases you’ll be rewarded with visible progress.

Haedong Kumdo is suitable for people with no previous experience in sports or other martial arts and allows you to train safely and advance at your own pace. The only thing you need is an open mind. We teach in English and Finnish.

The sport consists of series of smooth movements and high and low stances that help with coordination, balance, agility and mental focus. In ancient days, warriors needed to train themselves to be alert and calm – these were the most important features in a warrior’s life and are highly useful in our modern times as well.

Helsingin Haedong Kumdo is a non-profit association, and is part of United World Haedong Kumdo Federation (UWHKF), which has affiliates in over 40 countries.

The founder of UWHKF is Grandmaster Jeong Seong Kim 9. dan, who is a regular visitor in Helsinki. He is the creator of a series of two-sword forms (haedong ssangkumdo), certain balance and breathing exercises (haedong kimu) and sword dance techniques (haedong gummu).

For starting times and more info, contact in English or Finnish jose (at)

The first training session is free, and we offer a card for a set of 10 trainings and seasonal or annual subscription for a reasonable price.


Head Instructor Johannes Hentunen